At the moment I supervise an inspiring group of PhD students in Geography and beyond.  They are doing research on a wide range of topics including: British expatriates in Singapore; the politics of everyday mobility in Beirut; the hidden mining landscapes of the Peak District; how technologies are remaking of the EU and the experiences of irregular migrants crossing these borders; hate ideologies of the extreme right in digital spaces; documentary film and rights to the city in Edinburgh; and British expatriates in Spain after the 2008 financial crisis.  


Past PhD students:

Sophie Cranston (funded by ESRC)

Current PhD Students:

Jad Baaklini

George Jaramillo (funded through School of GeoSciences studentship)

Dan Fisher 

Ruari Sutherland (funded through ESRC 1+3 studentship)

Nathan Bower-Bir

Justine Gordon Smith (funded through School of Language, Literature, and Cultures studentship)

Patty McMean (Edinburgh College of Art)

Rebekah Miller (funded through ESRC 1+3 studentship)

Daniel Muñoz 


I also supervise a number of students on different MSc programmes in Edinburgh, including the Masters by Research in Human Geography; the MSc in Environment, Culture and Society; and the MSc in Cities.